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 [Official Thread] Lupin The Third Live Action Movie

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PostSubject: [Official Thread] Lupin The Third Live Action Movie   Sun Apr 27, 2014 3:04 pm

Story wrote:
Arsène Lupin III, the grandson of the fictional gentleman thief, Arsène Lupin, is considered the world’s greatest thief, known for announcing his intentions to steal valuable objects by sending a calling card to the owners of his desired items. His right-hand man and closest ally is Daisuke Jigen, an expert marksman who can accurately shoot a target in 0.3 seconds. Although Lupin and Jigen frequently work as a two-man team, they are often joined by Goemon Ishikawa XIII, a master swordsman whose sword can cut anything, or Fujiko Mine, a femme fatale and Lupin’s love interest. Although Fujiko usually works together with the others, she occasionally exploits Lupin’s interest in her to steal the treasure for herself. Lupin and his gang are constantly chased by Inspector Koichi Zenigata of the ICPO, who has made it his life’s work to arrest them, chasing Lupin across the globe.


Lupin III will be directed by Ryuhei Kitamura & written by Mataichirō Yamamoto. The film stars Shun Oguri (Lupin), Gou Ayano (Goemon), Tadanobu Asano (Detective Kōichi Zenigata), Tetsuji Tamayama (Jigen) & Meisa Kuroki (Fujiko Mine). Lupin III will hit Japan on August 30, 2014.

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[Official Thread] Lupin The Third Live Action Movie
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