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 For the love of music, hi!

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For the love of music, hi! Empty
PostSubject: For the love of music, hi!   For the love of music, hi! EmptyThu May 08, 2014 12:48 am

I'm a mod from Karaholic... I guess that tells you something bout me hehehe. I'm a Kamilia! Uhm, I just recently got into J-POP. I mean real J-POP. Not J-pop from K-pop lol. How you ask? Lolol, okok, I stumbled upon a cute jpop guy on tumblr when I was browsing the Kara tag. Well, I didn't care much cause yeah lol. Then a few days later, I went on my facebook and the newsfeed popped up saying "Get to Know Da-ice" by SBSPOPASIA. I clicked on the video and decided to get to know em better. The first song from them I heard was Toki. It was just a total eargasm! Oh and, that guy that popped up in the kara tag was Hayate Wada <3. I have two favs in there. Hayate and Sota <3.  

And just yesterday, I just stumpled upon Flower on youtube. I decided to want to know more about J-pop because of the beautiful music produced from Da-ice. When I clicked on the mv, I was just truly amazed. The voices, the music, the dance, wow. Just too awesome. I love Reina Washio!!! Hehe!

I used to think J-pop was weird and cutesy. Now, I have a totally different view of J-POP. There's something about jpop that makes me feel different when I listen to kpop. It's really weird haha. I'm thankful to know this side of Jpop.

Oh right, my music eargasms started when I was 11 years old I guess hehe. I started off with Bi Rain alone then to Fahrenheit. After that, I was introduced to Kpop again (starting with Suju) but I did not like them and thought kpop was lame haha! Then in 2009, I became fond of the song "Gee" and "Replay" by SNSD and Shinee. I just liked the music. After that music fever died down, I went back to loving Fahrenheit until my cousins bought tickets to a KMF in L.A. and I just got into 2PM before the KMF in 2010. After that, I really fell in love with Beast and decided to make a fanfic. I needed a girl as one of the protagonist, so I asked my cousin who in Kara (Kara because they came to the KMF, and I was not a fan by then.) She said she liked the youngest one. So I wiki'd. She meant Han Seungyeon but I searched Jiyoung instead. And after writing about her in my fanfic, I just fell in love with her! So yeah, I became a Kamilia. The ONLY group that got me really fanning them after Fahrenheit's inactive status.

Now, I am a fan of Kara, Beast, Flower, Da-ice, and Aaron Yan. I appreciate great music but I can't say I'm a fan of any more specific groups^^
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For the love of music, hi! Empty
PostSubject: Re: For the love of music, hi!   For the love of music, hi! EmptyThu May 08, 2014 4:13 am

I am a fan of both Flower and Da-iCE too! omg~!! welcome to asiaholics. I hope you'll have a good time here.

this is my current fave from Da-iCE and Hayate is my bias too Wink

there's a lot of good J-pop group and songs like this,


move that mouse, it might highlight something you want to see
For the love of music, hi! Tumblr_m8v07bqWPB1rseq0mo1_500
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For the love of music, hi!
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